Using the Julio Demo Site

The Julio demo site has been set up with some sample user accounts and some sample content. Please feel free to log in to the site, add content, and experiment.

The url to log in is

The site is reset every hour; content added into the site will be removed when the site is reset. You can log in to the site using any of the accounts listed below:

Site Members

  • username: Assistant Football Coach | password: Assistant_Football
  • username: Garden Club Student Rep | password: Garden_Rep
  • username: Drama Student Rep | password: Drama_Rep

Content Creators

  • username: Garden Club Advisor | password: Garden_Advisor
  • username: Drama Assistant Director | password: Assistant_Director

Content Administrators

  • username: Football Coach | password: Football
  • username: Drama Club Director | password: Drama
  • username: Garden Club Leader | password: Garden